I collaborate, support, strategize, educate, and inform while building meaningful relationships with my clients. As an early adopter for the past 30 years I've seen a company launch with great expectations; only fail in spectacular fashion. Hiring a coach or consultant with perspective is essential, especially one who can shine a light on specific areas most can't see, this just might make all the difference. We begin with RESPECT. 


My unique style is a combination of "Truth-Telling" and "Asking the Right Questions".

Knowing all the right answers is not a solution, as peer review and praise must run hand in hand.




What is the YCDB -  R.I.P.E. method?

I developed the R.I.P.E. methodology so we can "Set the Table", and it's where I begin to understand what is working, and what needs improvement within the brand, business, or culture. 

R – Respect, It’s the foundation for great leaders, managers, employees, owners, and guests. Treating each other with respect is essential for learning, leverage, love, growth, and commitment. As owners or partners in business, I highly recommend you bring this word back into the light. In the absence of RESPECT is “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements”, you will struggle to convert energy into a passion and the guest experience will suffer. R is also for Reputation; a leading indicator for Repeat business. We start with a deep respect for you and what you have already built.

I – Inspect, “To look at closely; to discover shortcomings”. At YCDB we see it all and train you and your team in the art of inspection. With over 2000 global dining experiences and 30 years of business and pleasure travel Dan has developed the keen eye of a guest, customer, consumer, and CEO. We see it all and show you the Impact of where your guests are looking when you are not. I also stand for Inclusion and Instructive, two hallmarks of the YCDB coaching method.

P – Perspective, “A point of view or particular attitude toward something”. Most owners have a narrow perspective when the demands of day-to-day operations require 50, 60 even 80 hours a week on-site. Our perspective can provide a viewpoint that you simply cannot possess. P also stands for Pride, Process, Passion, and Performance.


E – Expectation,A strong belief that someone will or should achieve something”. We all have them. In the service industry, living up to and exceeding expectations is what sets leaders apart from the pack. I often challenge owners to tell me what they “sell” – most say food, massage, oil, pizza, haircuts, accounting services and I challenge them to think of the Experience. Your guest is going to vote – Yes, this was an experience I want to repeat, or No, I don’t.  E also stands for Energy, Encouraging, Esteem, and Ego.


 Reach me directly to talk about the

R.I.P.E. method and the benefits to your Brand or Business TODAY.  or (631) 774-4140


A Sample of Services

  • Vertical Brand development - Online, Offline, Retail, Amazon, eCom
  • Strategic Planning  - Napkin to Network launch
  • Amazon Eco System development - My teams manage over 2500 SKUs
  • Fast-paced Ideation sessions that are known as Idea "quick starts"
  • Improvement of your guests' overall satisfaction, why it leads to increased loyalty
  • An overall increase in the "experience"
  • Inventory and product development from concept to launch
  • Analytics and data monetization - One of my core competencies
  • Lead generation -  Leaders in this field for more than 25 years
  • Consumer experience - Don't you want to know why consumers aren't buying?
  • Global product sourcing  - China, India, LATAM, and Australia 
  • Credit card and full banking program strategies for both low and high-risk clients
  • Access to my advisers, publishers, affiliates, and influencers

My clients and customer seems to agree - I have an amazing story and leveraging my perspective has a benefit to your brand, company or process.


"Dan Ziegler gives coaching a new meaning - laser focussed, ethically sound, heart centered and results driven. He puts his heart and soul into every project and gives you 10 x the value for every dollar invested in his coaching. Simply put ... he is a "Don".



Nazir Hussain

Entrepeneur, CEO of


I am often amazed at Dan's ability to take an idea and make it into an opportunity. He has this wonderful way of seeing the end result in a project and making the path needed to make the job a success. His integrity is among the highest I have had the pleasure of seeing in action. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a solid partner to work with. I consider him a friend as well as an associate.”

Jason Mcclaine
Creative Entrepreneur, CEO, Online Marketing Guru, Investor & egomaniac -



Brent Brague

Managing Partner at Brent Knows & Boost Media


“Dan is a real gem of a person, who is both passionate and knowledgeable about everything he touches. I appreciate every opportunity I have to interact with him, and always leave each meeting a little bit smarter, and wiser."


"We have worked with Dan for years; and look forward to many more to come. He is fun, easy to work with and productive. These are words which I would use to best describe our relationship. Dan is also someone I consider a friend.

Rob Polonsky

Managing Director, NEMarketing


"We do not hesitate to recommend Dan as a coach or consultant to any business that is interested in growing and providing a productive and fulfilling workplace. We found that the name of his company is certainly fitting because we ARE doing so much better! "

Yvette Hector

VP of Operations, Advantage Payroll Services