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My goal is to add a unique strategy and become a seamless partner in your success.
With over 30 years of experiential customer experience to rely upon,
I leverage my "Perspective" into a system that works.  
​To find out how I can build value for you and your company; contact me today.

YCDB provided brand strategy and sold into this iconic catalog company. Starting in 2015 with the Award winning "Arc Lighter" YCDB and Ignite set new records for online sales.

Satya Jewelry

Dan provided coaching and consulting services to this dynamic team in areas of online data, performance and customer retention.

Yankee Candle company

YCDB spent 3 years developing and branding a private label program with the worlds best loves candle company. The Yankee Candle ARC LIGHTER was a YCDB product creation.


A dynamic Micro-Mobility company; Dan is mentor and strategist to the founder of this ground breaking company.

The Arclighter

Brand and sales channel development. YCDB built sales process, brand development, manufacturing processes, business development and gained market entry into Yankee Candle company as well as Hammacher Schlemmer catalog for this innovative product.

KlickKitchen an app for Chefs

Dan built and co-founded the early stage software company in 2007. An early adopter in the food ordering sector. Pre-dating Uber Eats, DoorDash and many others. Too Early. Data monitization, Email campaign design, Template creation, Banner advertising were supplied by YCDB

Manhattan Products

A Global leader in consumer products - YCDB managed over 1600 SKUs in an Amazon products ecosystem, protecting IP, MAP and trademarks.

The Ready Group LLC

As CIO, Dan Ziegler directed a group of talented individuals in presentation, production and sourcing of products in the emergency management industry. The Ready Group successfully developed and sold several million dollars in products to the US Army and provided other branches of the military with a purposed plan for sheltering in place.

ZeroNines INC

Dan led the early stages of investing in this global company. Founded in 2001, Dan recognized these early adopters and help ensure their success by bringing a diverse group of capital and consulting services together. ZeroNines is widely recognized as the leader in up-time, mainframe recovery and fail-over services. Dan is both investor and advisor to this innovative group since 2001

Angela's Bakery

An amazing first to market leader of regional and authentic Dominican Cake Mixes.

Intellinet Network Solutions

The team at YCDB developed the entire Amazon Eco System for this division of Manhattan Products.

Pagani Automobili

Dan produced what is arguably the greatest automotive display of HyperCars in the world, and did so in one of the worlds most challenging locations, The Iconic and Historic Grand Central Terminal in NYC. YCDB provided Sponsors, Ideation, Strategy, Location, Human Capital and more during this 7 day activation with global sponsors and hundreds of thousands of smiles from the public. "The Story of a Dream" a YCDB production.

Black Art Graphics

Dan was a partner in early stage UK start-up and provided strategies, sales, and capital into this dynamic company.

Nissan USA

A 7 year adventure - Dan was awarded with Top salesman in the world honors among his many accomplishments while at this global leader.

Key Mix Solutions

Brand development

Hush Concerts

Dan has been coach to the CEO and strategist to this innovative team since 2017. HUSH concerts creates unique experiences for a blossoming community of live entertainment aficionados.

SkinWear USA

Dan has been consulting with the CEO of this global company since 2009. SkinWear produces a product that everyone should be aware of. SkinWear’s revolutionary formula creates an all-natural & alcohol-free weave that kills 99.9% of germs when applied, and maintains its persistent germ killing capacity for up 8 hours. No more need to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers over and over again. Data monetization, Email campaign design, Template creation, Banner advertising were supplied by YCDB

Tahrir Scarf company

Amazon pages built and managed by YCDB as well as tactics and strategy for the CEO of this humanitarian company.

LNK Ventures

Dan was the CSO for this venture group.

Ignite Lighters

Dan and the Ignite team spent 5 years working on branding as well as developing a unique addition called the ArcLighter.

Adams Arms

The Adams Arms team is committed to providing cutting edge technology that meets the real needs of the modern warrior. AA hired YCDB for branding, data, affiliate programing and consulting.


YCDB provides coaching, consulting, media and branding to this iconic accounting firm in Port Jefferson Station, NY. Serving the community for over 40 years.

Elaia Estiatorio _ Restaurant

YCDB provided coaching and consulting to this authentic Greek restaurant in the Hamptons of NY. Using the R.I.P.E method, Elaia is a star of the hamptons restaurant scene.

The Really Great Food Company

Brand and Product development as well as CEO coaching will enable this specialty manufacture to grow into a global powerhouse in the online and offline markets.


Branding Partners and friends

Freekehlious Green Wheat Freekeh

The growth of plant based products is important for both the planet and YCDB - Dan worked with the executives on branding, campaign development, presentation on the Dr. Oz TV show and more.

Marlarm Security Group

YCDB coaches and consults with the CEO and employees of this dynamic company. Providing corporate strategy, conflict resolution and employee coaching.

First Direct Financial

Dan is strategist, coach and consultant to executives at this dynamic credit card processor.

NO SMOK - The Everyday eCig

Built by leaders in the eCig industry. noSmok is the value brand in the Supermarket and large chain store environment. Dan co-founded this with industry leaders and produced activations and events during a time of growth for eCigs

Xefro - Intelligent Heating

Xefro have developed the world’s first mass commercial application of the ‘wonder material’ graphene, the Xefro Intelligent Graphene Heating System. Dan coached the CEO and COO.

PODS - Product on Demand Services

A vending platform for ecig, vape and cannabis users. Dan is an owner and managing director of this innovative company. Providing ideation and strategies for this innovative automated retail company.


POWERHANDZ are performance-enhancing sports gloves and athletic training products designed to both strengthen hand and arm muscles and intensify dexterity. YCDB is built the Amazon platform for this powerhouse brand

Summit Health Sciencs LLC

When SHS needed a new brand designed from the ground up, they called YCDB. Our team built BOUDOIR, a cream for women that included SHS patent and science. Recognizing the global need for continued research in the fight against dreaded and debilitating diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Diabetes, HIV and Cancer that are nearing epidemic proportions, Summit Health Sciences is committed to an ongoing research program & will pledge a significant amount of its future resources to research & development


The leading eCig in CANADA, Dan provided coaching to the executives and sales platform tactics globally.

Mythborn Media

Another Amazon brand program managed by YCDB


One of the many companies that has benefited from YCDB's consulting programs.

Smokeless Selects LLC

Smokeless Selects is a national brand that benefited from a year of consulting, development and organizational improvement from Dans tenure while at LNK Ventures. Key account development, best practices and business development strategies have help this dynamic team of entrepreneurs grow into a multimillion dollar company.

Boudoir - Cherish the Moument

YCDB was responsible for a complete build, launch and design of this ground breaking branded product. What we created was nothing short of amazing. A Female Sexual Enhancement built for a growing segment of the population. Boudoir is a patented cream for women, scientifically developed to increase and enhance your sexual experience.

We know Data

If you need Data, Leads, Programs or want to understand the ins and outs of Affiliate marketing, performance based marketing, email and display advertising, than call me.


The Workout Gel you need to succeed. YCDB provided data, API strategies and tactics as well as coaching the CEO and CSO during a challenging phase.


With the guidance of YCDB and Dan Ziegler, this company was able to reach over 100,000 new prospects with data.

eCigs Brand

Larges online ECIG brand in the world. YCDB sold this iconic brand for its owners in 2014.

Smokers 1 Choice

One of the very first electronic cigarette companies in the USA. YCDB supplied data, business development and organizational consulting to this team.

Griffin Credit - Consumer Services

YCDB designed and implemented online programs that monetized data streams producing significant growth.

Digital BackPack LLC

Built from the ground up. Dan was acting COO and instrumental in the design, development and funding of this early stage company. DBP is NOW Cirkel. Cirkel was designed for companies who want to maintain complete control over sensitive and confidential information even when on employee owned devices. Through our private, secure and encrypted collaboration platform you now have control over who can share, download, access and edit company in

Humanix Nutritonal

Find this innovative brand on our Amazon platform.

GMS - Global Management Services
Visual Listing Service

One of the earliest investors and adopters of home viewing via computer. Dan is still an investor and waiting for them to do something lol

Performance Motorsports

Co-founder, Team Chef, Team Sponsorship Director and more. What a couple of years we had. Fastest Nissan 350Z in the world. NOPI and NHRA Drag Racing, Nitro Fuel etc. wow

Advantage Payroll

YCDB provided corporate and executive coaching and consulting to this dynamic group.


Coach to the CEO, Brand strategist to the company. Katy, Feel the Love.

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