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Dan Ziegler, YCDB, Coach
Dan Ziegler
CEO and Founder

Coach - Consultant - Connector
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The YCDB brand is divided into two sections, although we may cover multiple areas in our engagement.

Part one of YCDB is You Can Dream Bigger - The Entrepreneur in all of us and the desire to bring a product or service to market is not easy. With more than 30 years of brand strategy, performance marketing, retail packaging, customer experience modeling, global distribution networks, eCommerce, and over 20 of his own product launches both succeeding and failing, Dan has Perspective. He and his colleagues know the need for encouragement among the tribe, tactical time saving and a reassuring mindset can make all the difference for a start-up or global re-launch. The core philosophy is to encourage and provide support in alignment with your passion for the art of service, brand, or product. Dreaming Bigger starts with a plan. 

Part two of YCDB is You Can Do Better - The need for peer review, common sense and perspective is undervalued and underutilized today. Dan is not shy about pointing out broken processes, bad website flow, or grammar mistakes on your packaging. Having been coached by professionals for years, Dan is very accomplished, trained in multiple methodologies, and twice recognized as one of the Top Coaches in New York.

Think of a brand or service launch like a boxing match. As you train for the main event, a sparring partner is essential to build skills, gain perspective, strength, and occasionally hit harder than you expected in an effort to tackle your upcoming challenge with ease and confidence. 
Dan is the best intuitive tactical sparring partner in the industry.  Doing Better starts with a desire to change. 


The images below are from one of his Instagram feeds #YCDBinc. Take a look as it shows an unapologetic and honest true self. Dan is a global traveler, a passionate person who is not afraid to voice an opinion or share deep thoughts. If you want to connect on LinkedIn or Facebook, you can find those on the home page as well. Remember, People do Business with People.. 

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